AMS // Alex Rodway

Alex's Bio

Rangeley, Maine
Current Residence:
Park City, UT
Years Riding:
Regular, 22" wide, +15, -15

My most memorable snowboard trip was when I went to Big Bear for Snowboarder Mag's the Launch in 2012. I remember it the most because I broke my back that week. I showed up late to an afternoon session on the big jump. All the riders were already getting sled laps and had the speed dialed in. I asked a few of my friends what the speed was and they told me to point it from where we were. So without watching anyone, I pointed it straight at the jump. It felt fast riding up the lip but I just said fuck it. The second I left the lip I knew I was going deep. I shot clear past the landing and landed on my ass. I compression fractured three vertebra's when I hit the ground. I didn't realize I broke my back until later that night in bed. I woke the whole Volcom house up because I was screaming in my sleep, due to a combination of night terrors and sheering pain. The next day the doctors told me it was broken, so we packed up the car and headed straight to the beach for some recovery time.