AMS // Chris Beresford

Chris' Bio

Southwick, Mass
Current Residence:
Park City, UT
Years Riding:
Jeeeze like 13 or 14
Goofy +15, -9

Chris Beresford is one of the more technical gifted riders on the planet, from one footed plants to mind blowing tweaks, Bearclaw presents a timeless style to snowboarding which translates to his DANG Shades brand. Here what Chris has to say about DANG below.

It’s funny to think about because it all started as DANGLOOSE. Myself and a friend Rob went 50/50 on a die-cut machine. I always had a thing for the hang loose shaka logo. Being from Mass the total opposite of Hawaii I started making Dang Loose stickers with the basic Shaka logo. Long story short I was working up at HCSC and you work to snowboard but at the end of the summer you need to find a job ASAP because you can’t save any money for life after Hood! So after one summer I decided I needed a little plan to make a few bucks while working as a coach. That is where the whole idea originated. I found some cool early 90’s blank shades at a store on the East and it hit me! Dang Shades!! I was putting mini die-cuts on the frames and selling to the campers. At the time we didn’t really have any competition because the wayfarer trend hadn’t come full circle yet! Now 7-8 years later it’s become a serious job for me. So psyched that I can make my own hours even though it still doesn’t feel like work but that’s because I enjoy waking up to do it everyday!