AMS // Johnny Brady

Johnny's Bio

Reno, NV
Current Residence:
Bend, OR
Years Riding:

In my life of snowboarding, it’s hard to distinguish what is most memorable because every moment is incredible; even the low points. I had few cares, everything was a new and amazing experience, and there were no expectations. What stands out to me however, was a trip I took with my good friends the first year we filmed for Keep the Change.

We started snowboarding fast and filmed some heavy days; even drank a few sodas and watched a Timberwolves game. Things were going our way and we didn’t let up. We eventually went to a classic Minneapolis rail to bank, Tyler was the first to drop and he immediately went down, hit his head, and went into a seizure for 20 minutes. Instantly we were scrambling, helplessly trying to help him. After an ambulance ride and a few days in the hospital he ended up being okay and making a full recovery but we were all a little shook.

After some reassessing of our situation, we decided that we still had the stuff to keep the trip going and started being productive again. One day, we woke up early to spend a day locating what we thought was the perfect rail; we found it immediately. The rail was actually less than ideal, and when I was about to call it, I decided I would give it another go for shits and gigs. On that attempt, I broke my femur. I was uninsured, I needed surgery, and I had to spend almost a week in the hospital. I asked myself why I was in that hospital, why I was snowboarding and if I should keep snowboarding. After all my pondering, what I realized was that I love snowboarding. I love to snowboard for myself, I love to explore, and I love to share those moments with my friends. My experience didn’t deter me; it made me realize to what extent all those things mattered to me.