Pros // Leanne Pelosi

Leanne's Bio

Calgary, Alberta
Current Residence:
Whistler, BC
Years Riding:
Goofy +15, -9

When I think back to the good times I've had, I think about all the times I've had with the K2 crew. Whether it's drawing on our new team manager's face (initiation, duh), or reminiscing about Travis Parker's safety talks at Mt. Baker, or having a goat randomly in our ad shoot, there is never a dull moment. The last time we were all together on a team trip was in Argentina a few years back Things got a little stressful, because we were supposed to be getting banger shots for the catalog but it was like polishing turds trying to make it happen given the lack of snow. We ended up going on a donkey/horse ride in Patagonia with our snowboards on our back and got the most insane photos with massive condors flying over us. We ate Argentina's finest meat and drank the best wine while making powder turns in half a foot of snow on grass. The next week our team manager at the time had his backpack stolen which meant no photos, and almost no catalog. I think the best moments are always captured in memories and I'll never forget how amazing this trip was, the people who were on it (Gretchen, Travis, Belzile, ARob, Jordan, Nick, Danny). Thanks K2 for that. :)