Pros // Lucas Debari

Lucas' Bio

Glacier, WA
Current Residence:
Bellingham, WA
Years Riding:
Regular +21, -6

It wasn't until I was 18 or so before I stumbled upon this cabin nestled up in the foothills surrounding Mt baker. Legend has it that Craig Kelly and MT. baker snowboard shop founder George Dobis built the cabin in the early 90's. IF you don't know about it you will never find it. with its breathtaking views of the mountains and close proximity to epic snowboarding, this cabin has been the starting and ending point to many a sick pow days. From getting the goods with locals Nate Lind, Nick Ennen and Patrick Mcarthy, to filming video parts with Seth Huot, and Austin Smith, this cabin is an important part of shredding these mountains. There’s nothing better than making a hot lunch on the wood stove while you watch snow accumulating by the minute out the front windows. After your fed and feeling irie, walk out the front door, put your board on and drop into 1000ft of epic pillow shredding.