Pros // Matt Belzile

Matt's Bio

Aylmer, ON Canada
Whistler, BC
Goofy 23" wide, +18, -15

It’s weird, a lot of people will compare filming a backcountry segment to a piece of art. Like filming all season to get to this end result is like making a painting or something. I don’t really see it that way. You hear about how much effort goes into one shot and blah blah. All that shit is true and it makes it hard to plan what you want to film in your video part or how you want it to look. I used to kind of have an idea of what trick I wanted to do on what feature but it would never really pan out cause there’s so many factors like snow conditions, weather, avalanches or light that came into play that would shut my ideas down. These days I like to go out there and explore and see what looks good and fun to ride.