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Truckee, CA
Current Residence:
Childerness, CA
Years Riding:
Regular +21, -6

The Chillderness is the chilliest of wildernesses. It is located with in a forest of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. It consists of Pines, Firs, Manzanita, Juniper, and granite of all shapes and sizes. I live there with my girlfriend Hannah and all of the wildlife abound. Our closest friends are the deer, chipmunks, nighthawks, and bears. Generally the conversations go one way but from time to time a response is felt.

There’s a west-facing slope with views of the pacific crest, a lake, and sunset, which was the obvious choice for a cabin. The cabin we built is 192 square feet with a shed roof and deck that equally matches the size of the house. We used trees from the property as the post foundation. The windows, door, roofing, and siding were all reclaimed with recycled cotton insulation. The electricity is provided by a solar panel to charge a laptop computer, our cellular telephones, a few LED lights, and a small music speaker. A well on the property produces all the water. During the winter the woodstove heats the house, the water, and is used for all of the cooking. During the summer months we heat our water with the sun through our solar shower and cook primarily on the outdoor grill. We have a five star state of the art deluxe toilet set up consisting of a 5-gallon bucket with a toilet seat. It’s portable so in the summer it can be placed outside in front of your view of choice and during the winter it can be placed right next to the warmth of the woodstove. Its gets emptied in to our compost pile along with our sink grey water and food scraps. No bad days and no utility bills! Just down a path from the house we constructed a concrete creation for skateboarding. With help some from some skilled friends in the art of concrete park building we now have about an 850 square foot, 4ft tall with a 6ft extension, concrete wave. It has pool coping, steel coping, slappy curbs, hips, love seats, pump bumps, banks, and mind melting lines!