Is My New Board Ready to Ride?

  • All K2 boards come from the factory ready to ride - sharpened and waxed.
  • Only cambered boards need to be detuned (if you prefer).
  • You do not want to detune a Flatline or Rocker board.
*Detuning is a fix for catchy edges - something that occurs with cambered boards but not with Flatline or Rocker boards.

What Mounting Patterns are My K2 Bindings Compatible With?

We'd like you to be able to choose whatever you want to ride. Our included binding discs are compatible with both 3 and 4 hole insert patterns.

View the 3 hole mounting description for more details.

Your K2 Bindings can be mounted to slot systems by purchasing our "Slot Compatible Disc Kit".*

* Please note that slot compatible disc kits will work only with the board manufacturers provided M6 t-nuts on 2011 product or newer.