Benoit Thomas-Javid
K2 Snowboarding Team Rider Benoit Thomas-Javid

Rider Bio

Hallo my name is… Benoit Thomas-javid.
Buddies call me… Ben TJ.
I grew up in… Gap.
Now I´m… still living in Gap.
The French are… kind of stupid but we are nice anyways!
You mostly find me shredding… where there is a lot of powder or a good park.
The first time I strapped on a snowboard… I was 11 years old and it was sick!
I ride K2 because… the stuff is awesome.
My favorite trick… bs 540°.
Snowboarding is… what I do all winter long because I love it.
I´m pretty much into… skateboarding.
My headphones play… rock.
What makes me laugh… is jumping into deep powder with my friends.
I´m freakin´out… on snakes.
Seek & Enjoy means to me… finding the best spot ever in the backcountry and shred it with my friends.


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