Janne Lipsanen
K2 Snowboarding Team Rider Janne Lipsanen

Rider Bio

Hallo my name is… Janne Lipsanen
Buddies call me… Danny!
I grew up in… Mikkeli/ Finland
Now I´m living… in Helsinki.
Finland is… a really nice country, cities are full of street spots!
You mostly find me shredding… in the streets of Helsinki or somewhere in the Alps.
The first time I strapped on a snowboard… was about 15 years ago
I ride K2 because… the stuff they do is pretty damn good!
My favorite trick… bs 540°.
Snowboarding is… all about having fun!
I´m pretty much into… all kind of sports
My headphones play… a mixed playlist, I like to listen a bit of everything.
What makes me laugh... friends!
I´m freakin´out… if something is going wrong too many times in a row.
Seek & Enjoy means to me…Life! Need to seek to be able to enjoy.